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Test Equipment Search Results for Tektronix TM515 | Used Meter (General)
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Tektronix TM515
Tektronix TM515


Tektronix TM515
Data Sheet:
Meter (General)
Product Details:
The TM515 Power Module/Mainframe provides five slots and is designed to supply all power required for the TM500-Series plug-ins. Can be used in the lab or the field, just snap on the front & back covers to protect the plug-ins and itís ready to go! 6.8"H x 15"W x 20"D. A wide range of available plug-ins (sold separately) make it easy to customize equipment group to meet your needs.
Call 1-877-449-3760 for current pricing and availability.
Tektronix TM515 Calibration Pricing
Standard Calibration:
- Call -
Calibration with Data:
- Call -
ISO17025 Accredited Calibration:
- Call -
* Pricing may vary based on requirements or desired options.
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