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Test Equipment Search Results for Slaughter 1660 | Used Power Analyzer
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Slaughter 1660
Slaughter 1660

REQUEST Slaughter 1660 QUOTE

Slaughter 1660
Data Sheet:
Power Analyzer
Product Details:
Surge testing is undoubtedly the most comprehensive single test available for wound products. Its primary function is verification of insulation integrity. Designed for rapid Go/No-Go testing, the 1660 detects latent and existing insulation failures such as turn-to-turn shorts, layer-to-layer shorts, coil-to-coil shorts, winding-to-winding shorts, and phase-to-phase shorts are best detected by surge testing. Open circuit and ground detection are secondary benefits of surge testing. The verification of insulation integrity of simple coils, chokes, solenoids, transformers, stators, field coils and other wound products make the surge test a must for the quality conscious manufacturer.
Call 1-877-449-3760 for current pricing and availability.
Slaughter 1660 Calibration Pricing
Standard Calibration:
- Call -
Calibration with Data:
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ISO17025 Accredited Calibration:
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* Pricing may vary based on requirements or desired options.
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