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Test Equipment Search Results for Avo BM403/2 | Used Megohm Tester
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Avo BM403/2
Avo BM403/2


Avo BM403/2
Data Sheet:
Megohm Tester
Product Details:
The Megger BM400/2 Series of autoranging insulation and continuity testers, provides simplicity of use in a hand-held instrument designed to IEC1010-1 safety standards. The BM400/2 Series offers a range of single, dual and multi-voltage variants to fit specific applications. The insulation ranges output the nominal test voltage when loaded with 1 mA as specified within these standards. The continuity ranges have a short circuit test current of at least 200 mA. In addition to the insulation and continuity ranges, the BM400/2 series has a resistance range and 2 voltage ranges. The resistance range measures up to 100k ohm on the digital scale and up to 10 M ohm on the analog scale. Due to the low test voltage and current of this range, the instruments can be used to test circuits with sensitive equipment connected, without causing damage.

Call 1-877-449-3760 for current pricing and availability.
Avo BM403/2 Calibration Pricing
Standard Calibration:
Calibration with Data:
ISO17025 Accredited Calibration:
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* Pricing may vary based on requirements or desired options.
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