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Test Equipment Search Results for California Instruments 801P | Used Power Supply (AC)
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California Instruments 801P
California Instruments 801P

REQUEST California Instruments 801P QUOTE

California Instruments 801P
Data Sheet:
Power Supply (AC)
Product Details:
The California Instruments 801P is an ideal source for general purpose AC power applications that require variable voltage and frequency at power levels up to 800 VA. With simple knobs used to set voltage, frequency and current limit, the 801P provides an inexpensive source of AC power in a small, portable and lightweight package.

The 801P uses a precision digital sinewave generator to produce a low distortion output. Dual LCD readouts clearly display programmed settings for voltage, current limit and frequency. Load current is measured using true RMS sensing and can be displayed on the front panel as well.

801P Features:

▪ Portable and Programmable

▪ Dual Voltage Ranges 135 VAC and 270 VAC

▪ 16 Hz to 500 Hz Frequency Range

▪ Simple Front Panel Connection

▪ UL and CSA Safety Tested
Call 1-877-449-3760 for current pricing and availability.
California Instruments 801P Calibration Pricing
Standard Calibration:
Calibration with Data:
ISO17025 Accredited Calibration:
- Call -
* Pricing may vary based on requirements or desired options.
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